Art and Language in Córdoba, Argentina


Studio Mora is located in the rural valley of Calamuchita (map) in the countryside of  Argentina.  The largest city, about 2 miles away from the Studio, is Santa Rosa of Calamuchita with a population of about 10,000; another nearby town is Villa General Belgrano (about 6 miles apart), with a range of cultural activities such as tango, drama, folk music and local rock. The city of Córdoba is the second largest city of Argentina with 1.3 million people and is less than 2 hours away by bus or car following the beautiful scenery of lakes, hils of the country-route. Cordoba is the home of world class museums, an exciting and diverse night life, and an array of commercial options.


 The region of Calamuchita Valley is home to a thriving artistic community with a variety of cultural opportunities. You may check out the local blogspots "" and "" to get an idea of current and past activities.